Friday, December 3, 2010

Last day of Grade 1

Today is the last day of Grade 1 for James and he has done brilliantly this year. He has learnt to read and write and is a very dedicated student who loves school. I am so proud of him as he gives anything a go (except vegetables on his plate...aaahhhh) and loves to learn. Great job James I'm very proud of you. In the 2nd picture he is making a shape of an "L" for Last Day!!!


  1. Kathy, THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my questions on Karen Russell's blog. So glad I went back to check! I was really hoping to get into her class she just offered, but my husband was a bit taken back by the price. I'm determined to put aside a few extra dollars and save up and try to get into her next class. I appreciate your testimony. And thanks for the tip on white balance. I will definitely look into that.
    Seems we have a lot in common. I have the same interests as you and you seem to visit a lot of the same blogs I do. Thanks again and nice to meet a new friend in blogland!

  2. Wow - you northerners sure do finish school early - we have another week and a half to go!