Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Lights

On Tuesday night we were going to go to our first Christmas Lights viewing however 15 minutes before we were going to leave it poured down with rain and we couldn't go. The rain was truly set in for the night. Last night I took the kids out to what is our favourite house of all times and it's only a couple of minutes from home. Unfortunately it was very dark and when we arrived it didn't look as if they were doing the lights this year. I then took the kids a few suburbs away to a street that we had driven past in the day time and there were a few houses in a row so figured we would take a look. It was just enough for our first night out and the kids enjoyed all there was to see. On the way home we drove past our favourite house again and they had 2 large lights up and a sign that said "Back in 2011" so they are taking a break this year but at least we know we can head back there next year. Here's a few pic's from last night.


  1. Kathy, you have done such a great job with these night shots - well done! I love the second one that has a glimpse of the sky - very moody and our skies have been quite similar in the past week or so!

  2. Thanks Amy....a tip for those Christmas lights is to get there 15 mins before it is actually dark. That way you have a blue sky and in this case the sky was quite dramatic. You want to avoid the black sky if you can help it because it's quite dark and your shutter speed is very slow. I am to take photos about while the sky is like that. Taken on AV and aperture as wide as it will go. (ie small f-stop number). High ISO.