Friday, December 10, 2010

Christmas Activities & December Daily

Yesterday we made some gingerbread biscuits but it was a fairly stressful experience with the kids each starting out by taking as many of the cutters each as they could and explaining to the other one that they had more!!! aaaahhhhh big breath...... I continued on with the activity and we did end up making some biscuits but was too exhausted to bother with any icing. Maybe next time when we are all a bit more relaxed.

Then today we had our good friends over to do our "Edible Christmas Trees" with 7 kids and 3 mums. This activity is a good activity, cheap and fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Afterwards we all had a swim followed by a cute little Christmas DVD called "The Flight Before Christmas" which the kids and I saw last year and I ended up buying it this year for them as it's so sweet. We had a very enjoyable day and a bit of quiet time in the afternoon before another swim.


  1. super cute trees :)
    and love your r u printing them? I am having printer issues and it is frustrating the #$%# out of me!!!
    And where did you get those word strips??

  2. Di, I'm going to print them all on good quality photo paper on my Epson R800 photo printer. At the moment I have just printed them on the HP inkject printer and put them in the book. At the end I'll decide on my font that suits, fix that up on each page, do a final check and print. I bought Ali's 12x12 template and resized them to 8.5 x 8.5 inches for my little album. Just check the comments a few posts ago re the word strips. I got them from Designer Digitals called "cut up christmas" or cut ups christmas. Ali had them on her post when she started talking about doing the 2010 December Daily. Cheap as chips to buy.