Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Playgroup Mum's Dinner

On Saturday night I hosted the playgroup mum's 6 monthly dinner since all our kids are now in school/kindy so there's not really anymore playgroup these days. We ordered the main meal from a local thai restaurant again and I made the nibbles, set the table and got to work making desserts.

I had fun getting every thing ready for our little Christmas get together. The main event was 3 different dessert but all small sizes. I made cranberry and raspberry jelly (that was straight out of the packet, just add water, pretty simple), next was the yummy chocolate moouse that I had made for Melbourne cup lunch (see earlier post in November) and then I also made home made french vanilla ice cream without an ice cream maker. It was absolutely delicious and the kids said my ice cream was better than the shop bought ones (how's that for a recommendation). I surfed the internet for a recipe - where would we be without the super information highway. With shop bought ice cream, that's where!!!

I also put together the shape of a Christmas Tree using tea lights which looked great and added some ambiance to the evening.

It was great catching up with the mum's enjoying good food and company.


  1. wow...wish I was in your playgroup...it all looks so lovely AND NO COOKING!!! Love it!!!
    Love the little bottles in the first photo...

  2. Uh huh .... can I come too?
    Gorgeous Kathy! :-)

  3. Thanks di and Amy, head over to woollies to the cordial section and buy your 6 pack of pear juice or flavouring...get your kids to drink them and then you'll have your bottles.