Friday, November 12, 2010

Gift Tags

Tomorrow is my sister's birthday (well one of them as I have 3 sisters) and I'm having the family over for a BBQ lunch and swim which I'm looking forward to. As kids get so excited to be the one handing Aunty Lisa the present I decided I would buy two smaller gifts so they could each give her one and also she gets to open two presents as well.

A few weeks ago I made some clay tags using "sculpey" clay and it was quite difficult to use because it's rock solid stuff. After buying Sarah's $6 tutorial from the Beach Cottage Blog I found out there is much better stuff around so I made a whole heap of plain tags which can be used on anything. I decided to pop some on Lisa's present and put the happy birthday on using scrapbooking stamps and ink. They are meant to look a little rustic.

Sarah's tutorial is excellent value, all 21 pages of it with beautiful pictures and instructions.

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