Sunday, November 21, 2010

Diffendoofer Day Dress Up at School

James' class has been doing lots of Dr Seuss this year and on Friday they had "Diffendoofer Day" where they had to wear bright silly clothes to school. Well they got right into it wearing their clothes back the front and by the end of the day undies on their heads. Yep, you heard it right. I went to school and James was calling out over the road, Mum... and I look over and here he is with his bright red RIO jocks on his head (just so you know this was a spare pair I sent to school just in case for the photos because his mates were going to wear them over their shorts (like superman) but it was a bit tight wearing jocks, shorts then jocks again so I just put them in his bag to take to school. They had pizza for lunch and had a ball.

We were lucky enough to borrow a very colourful wig off dear friends of ours so James was in character of being "cool" in these photos.

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