Saturday, November 27, 2010

James 7th Birthday

James turned 7 today and woke up early at 4.45 am very excited. I decided that we were going to have pancakes, maple syrup and ice cream for breakfast today (healthy eating is out the window this weekend I'm afraid). For his birthday he got a Ben 10 Speed Racer Track, a game and a couple of DVD's, Tom & Gerry and Scooby Doo. He was thrilled with his presents and yummy breakfast. Here's a couple of pic's of our pancakes this morning. I love the shot of James savouring those pancakes like he is in heaven.


  1. Happy Birthday young man! It sounds and looks like it was a wonderful breakfast .... he shares his special day with my sister - we had a great lunch out on Saturday. Ben10 is all the rage isn't it?

  2. Happy Birthday James!!!