Tuesday, October 12, 2010

So cute

Every night before I go to bed myself I check on the kids, kiss them on the forehead and say "I love you" to them. The other night when I went into check on James this is what I found. Scooby Doo is the "in thing" at the moment and James takes him to bed every night. During the night as he tossed and turned Scooby Doo ended up being caught underneath James so he was sitting upright with his paws and tongue sticking out. It just looked so cute I had to go downstairs get the camera and take a few pictures. Scooby looked like a guard dog minding James. These are the everyday moments that I treasure.

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  1. great shots of the kid's sleeping!!! They will love those when they are older. Yes - my time with Erin was amazing!!! She's wonderful - thank's for stopping by - and have a wonderful week. Looking forward to reading more of your posts - I have always dreamed of visiting your country - take care