Wednesday, September 1, 2010


A couple of years ago I got a couple of large canvas's done for my walls of the kids on the beach at Redcliffe. The picture was taken at the end of May 2008 (basically approaching our Queensland winter) and the kids were splashing around and having a great time. I love how they look so little in this photo as James was 4 and Sienna was only 2 years old. The canvas's measure 71cm x 45cm and there are 2 pictures in the series so here's the first one for your viewing. I still love looking at these everytime I walk past them.


  1. need to get onto a canvas for our new/old walls

  2. I'm hoping to get a couple of canvases made up when the house is done - tis is a great shot of your two - the water splashes look fantastic!