Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Two little tomato plants

I'm amazed at how two little tomato plants can produce so many tomatoes. Today I picked 2 bowls of tomatoes and then the kids and I popped over to two of our neighbours tonight to share some with them. They also got a bok choy each as well. The fact that they are home grown with no chemicals makes me feel great.


  1. Yes there is something fantastic about the thought of growing your own fruit and veg. We will wait for your '100 ways with the tomato' post then ;-)

  2. Very cute Amy......... the best way is on a salada biscuit with jalsburg cheese, slice of tomato and salt and pepper....that's my favourite!!! The kids took some to school and kindy today and the teachers were really excited about them. Kindy teacher cut them up for the kids to try at morning tea and she said they were so tasty.