Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little models and natural lighting

We had a little photography session playing around with natural window light and William was one of our models and didn't he do a great job smiling for us. Libby (his mum) took the bottom two pictures of him and did a great job as she is new to the whole DSLR thing. It was quite funny because he kept rolling over so we had to take a pic, roll him back, take another pic etc. but he was great fun to photograph.

Sienna and Ged were also co-operative subjects and they got together for a little photoshoot themselves. Butter wouldn't melt in their mouths!!!!! (ummm.. well maybe that's what the picture looks like). Lots of fun talking photography with Libby and having someone's else's kids to photograph is great.


  1. Nice pics, I too love taken other peoples kids - esp if they are the non-photo-taking types of parents. LOVE surprising them with some nice prints.

  2. Great shots Kathy .. and Libby!