Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tonight's side dish

It doesn't get much better than this. Picking veggies, plating them up and sharing them with your family. I'm taking this side dish to my Mum's place and even though it's winter just those fresh colours just makes you want to try some. Sunday night roast at my mum's place is a tradition of my family for over 20 years. Most people are home on Sunday evenings so my mum made it "roast night" and we all catch up every week. The kids are in their pj's and usually watch a dvd and catch up with their Brisbane cousins.

I know my little veggie plot would be considered small by any standards (2 x 1.2x1.2 boxes) but I'm loving it. Today I planted some more butterhead lettuce, dill and coriander.

Sharon, Di and Amy...all I can tell you is it's in the nozzle and the wrist action and just practise. It is not easy to start with but if you use the "buttercream recipe" (just search on google) because it doesn't need to go into the fridge so you can ice them the night before and they will look beautiful the next day. (I have to work out how to reply on my comments, Sharon help!!) The options are a bit confusing and I'll have to look into that.

If you want to see some lovely cupcakes go to Leanne's blog where she did the most inspiring lego cupcakes for her son's birthday last year (posted 15th June, 2009). And her gift wrapping of those individual cakes is something that should be in a magazine.


  1. Roast night sound wonderful...PHOTOS???
    I shall search for a good"nozzle" and get the wrist action working!!

  2. I've got a couple of nozzles but it always ends up looking like something I would pick up in a plastic bag in the park on a walk - if you get my drift ;-)

    I think the roast night tradition sounds fantastic - will make the special dessert soon too ....

    You need to have your email address selected in the comments section of the set up page, pretty sure that should work.

  3. Thanks Amy.....I've got it working so now I can reply on my posts. I've just gone back to the beginning and replied to anyone that asked me questions. Ta

  4. Di, your roast you did on your Project 365 is a knockout....what did you put on that roast?

  5. yes, have the comment emailled to your inbox, and then all I do is reply to the comment directly (it doesn't post on your blog though)...buttercream - are you SURE it can be left out - with butter in it?

  6. yes indeed....not sure about the middle of summer with 40 degrees however the cake decorating lady said it's better that they are left out otherwise they go hard in the fridge (I'm 99% sure that's what she said). My sister has made heaps of cakes and I've made a few and they have been in a tupperware container for a couple of days on the bench and they are fine. Don't ask me why even because it's got butter in it but give it a go.