Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Old Family Slides

Back when I was young, slides were a big part of family life and we always looked forward to the slide projector coming out for those family nights of viewing with it being perched on top of the ironing board with a couple of encyclopedia's to prop it up at the front. I can even hear the whirring noise of the projector just thinking about it. Last year I bought a slide converter and gave it to my mum to convert some of our old slides at her leisure. She's converted a few and my sisters and I love looking at them (and laughing) at how we were back then and remembering those moments. Here's 2 slides of me which have been converted to digital format however, I'm yet to fix them up in photoshop to get rid of the dust/dirt marks as these slides are over 40 years old but you get the idea of this cute little kid ( really it's me).

The first slide is of me sitting in front of our garden on the footpath. My mum loves gardening and back then all the mums in the neighbourhood had beautiful flower beds. The second picture is of me at Bribie Island with a plastic poodle which I don't remember but I think the photo is very cute. It's fun to travel back in time and look at my childhood. Our kids are going to have oodles of pictures to look back on complete with those stories which have been journalled.


  1. Very cute :)
    I have lots of old slide from my parents much fun to scan and see what treasures are in the box.

  2. Get scrapping!! These old picture hold a thousand stories - I love it!! !