Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mock Magazine Cover (Photoshop)

A couple of years ago when I was starting out in photoshop one of the photoshop magazines had an article in it with a suggested exercise to do a "mock up" cover of a magazine cover to practise your photoshop skills. So last week when James wanted to take some pictures to school of our veggie garden I did one up for him to take along with some other pictures of our garden along with some tomatoes and capsicum. I showed him the real gardening magazine and explained to him that this was a "pretend magazine cover" for a bit of fun and to explain that to his teacher. Anyway the next day I asked his teacher did she like the photos she told me that she thought it was a real magazine cover and had to take a double take on it. You can see that James and Sienna's names are in the bottom left hand corner of the cover (double click on picture to make it bigger) but it's just a little bit of fun. (small things amuse small minds they say)


  1. I bet that knocked the teachers socks off!

  2. One of the other mum's said James won't have any problems with his computer skills in the future!!! However the computer is "all mine". Kids have everything these days, xboxes and the like and some things in this house are off limits after all he is still only in grade 1.