Sunday, July 4, 2010

Farmers Markets and our Veggie Garden

The kids and I went to the local Farmers Market this morning to get some organic eggs, strawberries, Stanthorpe apples and some nuts. We had our traditional dutch poffertjes which are delicious. James and I convinced Sienna to try them this time however that meant that we had to share them between 3 people instead of just 2 people this time so it was only fitting to get 2 plates of this yummy stuff afterall we are on holidays.

When James was born we lived in Melbourne and every Saturday we would go out for breakfast and then go to the markets for fresh fruit and veggies which I just loved. When we moved back to Brisbane they didn't really have anything like that here however, 6 years later there are Farmers Markets all across the city which is fantastic. Good for the farmer and good for us and the atmosphere is always great out in the fresh air. I've done another little 5x7 collage (CZ design) for our morning at the markets which is going to go in a "holiday album" and also I've done one on our home grown veggies. It's good to see a little collection of how our garden is growing.

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