Monday, July 12, 2010

Dutch Pancakes - Poffertjes

I first experienced poffertjes at the Red Hill Markets which is about one and a half hours out of Melbourne some years ago. I thought they were delicious and a real treat. For my birthday one year I was given the cast iron pan and every time I make the them it reminds me of going to the markets which is a lovely memory for me.
Last week on holidays I decided this would be one of our activities after reading Nicole's post on waffles so I decided that we would make the poffertjes. I hope these pictures don't make you too hungry. I made about 10 batches of these plates and they were quickly eaten by the kids and their friends. My friend and I saved the last batch for ourselves afterall we deserved some too. SO DELICIOUS!!!


  1. Red Hill is one of my favourite markets and we get down there a bit as the inlaws have a beach house near-by, they have a great variety of food ... the Calamari Man was a hit this past year!

  2. Ah...I have one of these too. I should get it out...they are delicious. Thanks for reminding me :)