Saturday, July 17, 2010


After being inspired by lots of people's cupcakes I talked my sister into coming along with me to learn how to make and ice beautiful cupcakes. We did a course with Sharnel last year which was great because gave me the confidence to tackle the job. I had always wanted to send along to kindy or school a beautiful batch of cakes. For James 4th birthday at kindy I sent along cakes that 4 year old kids would eat but I was dismally disappointed with my efforts. It had a lot to do with the icing and my theme was red and blue for spiderman which (so I'm told after the fact) when you use the red food colouring in those little boxes of colouring it actually comes out pink and the more you put in the worse it gets. Anyway I swore after those cakes that I would learn how to make a beautiful batch of cupcakes for his 5th birthday. I can honestly say I was very proud of these cakes and they were 1000% improvement on the ones I did the year before. Let me know what you think of these little cakes and I can't show the lovely cakes off without including a picture of a very excited 6 year old on the morning of his birthday.


  1. They are truly sensational - you must share the secrets!

  2. BRILLIANT!!! Simple and perfect!!!
    Whats the trick to the icing? I have a girls 7th party in a few weeks so need to start planning and shopping now. Going to be a good Mum and make a real effort this year :)

  3. oh please tell me the trick too - as you know I am a failure at fancy birthday cake making!
    and these look brilliant!