Monday, June 14, 2010


James has an amazing ability to follow instructions be it Lego, Zoob or anything of that nature. Earlier on this year he started working on making a motor bike following instructions using "Zoob" which are fantastic pieces of plastic that connect together. Last year in prep they had Zoob and he loved playing with it and making things and he was lucky enough that Santa knew he liked Zoob and left him a big box underneath the Christmas tree.

Anyway he had been working on this motorbike for a day or so and at one stage told me it was just too hard. I was completely dumbfounded because normally he would not be defeated over this type of thing and I decided not to get involved and told him to go back to the instructions where it got a little difficult and look at it again and I'm sure he would work it out.
A day later he calls myself and my friend upstairs to check out his motor bike. I was AMAZED to say the least because this motorbike was the best looking thing I had ever seen and it even had stand at the side to hold it up. I was just stunned and so proud that he had persisted in order to make this awesome motor bike. He is so good at making things following instructions and also just making stuff up from scratch by himself. Usually he makes symmetrical things so the left side and the right side are all the same. I couldn't have been more proud to see that motorbike that night. James, you are amazing and I love you. Anyone need some Ikea furniture put together...I have your man!!

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  1. That is sensational! It must be something to do with the name because my boy is exactly the same!