Friday, June 4, 2010

Playgroup Dinner

Tonight the lovely mum's from our playgroup are coming over to dinner. We don't get to catch up very often now since most of the kids are now at school however we decided to make it easy and order take away Thai food. I'm doing a lovely cheese platter and a delicious dessert to compliment it. It's been a while since the table was set with lovely placemats and the like so I've gone all out to make our eating environment very special. Here's some pictures of the table and the yummy white chocolate cheesecake. My inspiration for the lanterns and flowers in the strawberry jam jars are taken from the very talented Sarah at a Beach Cottage although she is the queen of table decorating. Looking forward to my lovely evening with good food and good company.


  1. Wow! This looks fantastic :-) Enjoy the night .... sadly it has been a long time since I made our dinner table look this special.

  2. hey thanks for the the looks of your table I think you may well beat me in table dressing lol! love it the jam jars are a corker...what a magical secret they are eh?

    enjoy your night and enjoy more your newly found sport of tablescaping haha :-)