Thursday, June 3, 2010

Happy Coconuts

Today was our first day back at a sports programme for small kids called "Happy Coconuts". Don't ask me where the name comes from but the kid sports is excellent. They run 12 week terms with 4 weeks of each sport. James has been going for a couple of years and Sienna started last year. We had the first term and a half off for a little break but the kids and I are pretty excited that we are back.

The coach Shaun is awesome and fantastic with the kids and they adore him. They learn about all kinds of sports including, rugby, AFL, tennis, soccer, basketball, cricket and they get a taste for each type of sport. It's great exercise as they run around a lot and have fun at the same time. It is not a competitive programme because they don't play against anyone except kids vs the coach which is hilarious to watch.

The kids are active, run around, laugh and joke and then exhausted at the end just in time to take them home to dinner, bath and bed. All in an afternoon's work. I took this picture of James and Sienna today with the rugby ball. Gotta love the black hand prints on the balls so they know where to place their hands. Very clever indeed.

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  1. We were involved in a program like this too - such a great idea isn't it?
    Great action shot by the way :-)